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Even today m-tec powder GmbH is one of the globally leading manufacturers of commercially usable aluminium powder and aluminium alloys powders. As on summer 2018, we will also launch a second production facility in South Africa and produce ca. 4000 metric tons of primary and secondary aluminum powders per year. Based on the implementation of further atomizers, we will be able to increase our production by 100% within the next year in order to meet the constant increase of market demand.

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Our Aluminium products

Our portfolio of aluminium products includes aluminium powders in spattered and spherical form and each technically possible purity and particle size. State of the art production facilities and extensive knowledge in the handling of aluminium enable a strict adherence to sizes and purity levels in accordance with application and intended use.

The mechanical production of secondary aluminum powders and granules will follow shortly.

Processing of the aluminum

For our primary aluminium powders, we are using the most modern state of the art technology for the atomizing process by air or protective gas to generate fine and ultrafine spherical and spattered powders out of the melt. The grinding and milling of aluminum foils and scrap in our mechanical mills represent a cost-effective alternative. During this process we generate typically spattered particles which can be used in different operating procedures.

Take advantage of our expertise

You are engaged in the processing industry of any aluminium applications or you are planning to implement new products or new production procedures? We will be happy to support you in the implementation and definition of your aluminium – and aluminium alloy powders. Being international specialists in powder metallurgy, we provide the newest findings of research and the respective application know-how. Benefit from a significant lead and spare yourself and money wasting test periods.

Aluminium products and their applications

For many year aluminum has proven as raw material. In almost every industrial area, you will find aluminum. Our customers are mainly based in metal processing, chemical industry, plastic- processing and pyrotechnics. Aluminum powders are used in the production of solar cells, synthetic alcohols, plastics, surface coatings, anti-corrosion protection layers, wastewater treatment and a variety of further key technologies.

Aluminum is one of the most versatile raw materials

The lightweight metal aluminum plays a globally major role not only because of its low density of 2.7 g/cm³, its therefore minor weight and its non-corroding characteristics. The latter is mainly encouraged by the passivating oxide layer on its surface. Who does not know doors, windows, lights or also coffee cans made of brushed and anodized aluminum?

But consumer goods represent only a small part of applications for aluminum powders, – chips and granules. Aluminum does not exist in pure form, but has to be extracted from bauxite (aluminum silicate) in a energy consuming electrolytic process. Even though aluminum is third in the earth crust`s elements and also the most prominent metal, the production procedure is connected with high costs. The recycling of aluminum is a lot cheaper and will only require below 10% of the energy amount.

The production of secondary aluminum powders as a cost efficient alternative will therefore gain more and more importance

Usage and production of aluminium

Aluminum is easy to process and can be reshaped cold or warm. The easy processing and the low weight, have led to a boom in automotive and aerospace. Despite the high prevalence a body component made of aluminum will still apply for triple the costs of a steel body component. Aluminum is the basis for a lot of alloys mainly to increase firmness, but also to highlight other characteristic.

Foundry applications mainly use alloys like AlMgSi, AlCuTi and AlSiMg. The production of aluminium in Germany within the last 10 years has more or less been stable. In 2017 the share of so called primary aluminum made of aluminum oxides applied for 550000 tons. Secondary aluminum – sometimes also referred to as recycled aluminum applied for 763000 tons.