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Über die Entwicklung und Herstellung unserer Produkte und Legierungen aus dem Bereich der Pulvermetallurgie hinaus können Sie unsere Expertise im Umgang mit Metallpulvern, Metallspänen und Metallgranulaten auch für weitere Zwecke nutzen.

m-tec powder fungiert auch als Dienstleister für die Erzeugung und Bearbeitung von Metallprodukten in den verschiedenen Phasen. Dabei kommen Ihnen als Auftraggeber modernste technische Anlagen und bestens ausgebildete Mitarbeiter zugute, die sich auf alle der folgenden Abläufe spezialisiert haben.

Services in metal processing

An effective process management will secure a fast implementation and an excellent cost- performance ratio. Needless to say that all details will be implemented with the highest possible accuracy and reliability. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in the following services:

Milling as a service at m-tec powder

The crushing mills and hammers of the m-tec powder site in Wesel at the Niederrhein are also available for your projects. You deliver your individual secondary material and we will be responsible for the fast and effective milling and pulverizing in high quality. Our experts will happily advise you in all service areas of powder metallurgy.

Sieving to the desired particle size

m-tec powder will sieve powders, chips and granules in accordance with your specific requirements. We have all the usual necessary technical and mechanical equipment to achieve any technically possible particle size distribution. Long-term experience and state of the art procedures guarantee highest possible reliability of material produced.

Mixing of alloys

We mix alloys and metal powders for different usages in accordance with state of the art scientific standards. We offer state of the art mixing machines. Homogeneity, density, size distribution and blending ratios are constantly supervised. The result are ready to use products with high-end quality.

Filling refilling of products

Let us fill or refill your powder metallurgy products. We offer different shapes and sizes of big bags, drums, paper/plastic bags or special plastic containers etc. Our filling machines are exact and clean and can also work with possibly necessary protection measures.

Storage of dangerous material

We store your metal powders, granules or chips in our dangerous goods warehouse in accordance with the adequate and necessary protective measures at our site in Wesel at the Niederrhein. Please contact us in order to evaluate the possibilities of storage with regard to transport, quantity and type of your material.