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m-tec powder GmbH – About us


m-tec powder GmbH was founded in 2014 by Gerhard Ertl and Carsten Schultz. The two experienced specialists in powder metallurgy, developed an ambitious vision.

Together with a constantly growing team, they wanted to establish the basis for m-tec powder to become a key player in the production of innovative and powerful powder metallurgy products for various industries within a short period of time.


At first limited to the premises at the start up centre in Töging am Inn, expansion became necessary shortly after the start of the operative phase. With the opening of a storage and production facility in Voerde at the Niederrhein in 2015, m-tec powder has been able to take advantage of the physical closeness to important customers in the Ruhrgebiet. The expansion to international markets has been realized shortly after with the two new production sites in South Africa.
M-tec powder increased their storage and production capicity further on by moving into a new warehouse nearby to Wesel in September 2019.
Mit dem Umzug im September 2019 hat m-tec powder im nahe gelegenen Standort Wesel die Lager- und Produktionskapazitäten weiterhin ausgebaut.

Next steps

Within the last 3 years, m-tec powder GmbH with a staff power of in the meantime 20 people in the team, has established itself as leading manufacturer of hot metal – and steel desulphurisation reagents, as well as magnesium and aluminium powder in Europe. Further investments are planned for the near future. One of the next steps is the opening of a new production hall in 2018 in Voerde. Furthermore an extensive expansion of the capacity in the production of air- and gas atomized aluminium powders will take place in South Africa. In accordance with this development, the number of employees will increase by ca. 50% in the second half of 2018.


This expansion is coupled with the implementation of a further unique selling position for parts of our products. Based on this, m-tec powder will be able to focus on the increase in production key figures for secondary and primary aluminium powders to meet the steadily growing demands of various industries. The medium term planning forecasts an equal capacity utilisation of the magnesium – and aluminium powder production.

Networking, consulting and services

Besides the running production and the connected selling of reagents and metal powders, m-tec powder also has a second pillar, which includes extensive consulting and services, which are used by customers all over the world. Especially in the ambitious field of powder metallurgy, new projects can be planned and implemented rapidly with an inter-disciplinary cooperation.


Within the last 4 years with a constant growth in m-tec powder GmbH, clear values have been established in the cooperation of the whole team. These values are the basis for the future of our company:

  • A healthy ambition of all people involved for the benefit of the whole company
  • Unconditional, fair cooperation also with our customers
  • Innovative actions with state of the art equipment
  • An honest down-to-earth mentality with highest possible reliability

Mutual respect and support are the basis for great ideas and enable their implementation. This is especially important in the cross-cultural environment of our international projects. We are looking forward to the further and exciting developments in m-tec powder GmbH. Be part of it!