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m-tec powder GmbH – Feeding Equipment

Within the scope of an external growth project, m-tec powder GmbH now also offers cored wire injection machines of TRIMMASTER® type in addition to the already existing services and product portfolio

(please also visit: www.m-tec-wire.com)

Cored Wire Feeding Equipment

Well-established for several decades, TRIMMASTER® cored wire injection machines show outstanding features as for example their compactness, high durability and reliability.

TRIMMASTER® machines perfectly fit the technical requirements in steelmaking industry as well as cast iron or non-ferrous foundries.

We assist and advise our customers on technical and engineering questions. Our portfolio includes the following:

-Spare parts for all TRIMMASTER® machines

-TRIMMASTER® 3xxx series foundry machines are designed for speeds from 0.1 to 120m/min, depending on the configuration.

-TRIMMASTER® 9xxx and 10xxx series machines for steelmaking, from a single-strand to a 6-strand machine, are available in several motorization variations and speed ranges.

-Cored wire diameter: from 9 to 21mm.

TRIMMASTER 3 xxx-11 pictureTRIMMASTER 9 xxx-4 pictureTRIMMASTER 9 xxx-2 picture


For more information, please contact us: Andreas.Schwanke@m-tec-powder.com