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m-tec powder GmbH – Your specialist in the field of powder metallurgy

In connection with magnesium and aluminium based products, m-tec powder is also engaged in the development and production of an array of usual but also innovative alloy powders and similar products.

These products can be supplied in any technically possible particle size, fineness and purity level. The type of alloy will always be in accordance with the individual usage and application goal of our customers.

Expertise and consulting by m-tec powder

Please get in touch with us to discuss the details and prerequisites of your order. We will also assist you to find the perfect composition of you alloys and powders for your intended use and results.


We can supply all known and usual alloys like e.g. Nickel-Magnesium, Aluminium-Magnesium, Calcium-Magnesium as well as Calcium-Silicon. The detailed list of alloys provided is available on request. Please also get in touch with us in case you are looking for a partner to develop and implement innovative aims for certain production forms or new application methods.

m-tec powder Calcium cyanamide

m-tec powder has developed a calcium cyanamide for the nitrification of steel surfaces, whose characteristics will add to cost-effective, but highly efficient hardening and thermal resistance of high-tech steel grades.

Applications and clientele

Our products of advanced powder metallurgy are used in almost every industry. This applies for typical usage in automotive and aviation. The share of orders coming from refractory, which is focusing on ever new products and applications, is increasing. A lot of R&D projects of the last years are also focusing on the usage of powder alloys in 3 D printing.